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“In 2015 I contacted Brugal Rivera team, in order to rent a house, which was not possible for personal reasons… At the beginning of this year 2017 I made the decision with my family to take the step of buying a house, once again I contacted Brugal Rivera team, for reference and for the good treatment I had received two years ago when I tried to rent a house. I felt that I could trust them, because they were always kind and always willing to serve me even when we did not do business with them! In the course of my search, I had the personal attentions from this great team, they presented me different possibilities that fit my need. We personally saw several of these options and finally arrived here, to which today is my home, thank God. I followed the Brugal’s advice  to choose wich house was convenient for me, pleasure and comfort. I am grateful to Brugal Rivera for his help and attention, especially to Mr. Joel Brugal for his patience and dedication throughout the process”

“We, the Ridders, would like to thank Brugal Rivera Investment Real Estate, the best people to please the taste that will be for life. Nobody better than them could look for the house of our dreams, almost 8 months living here and we do not have a single complain about the money that we invested. Thousands of congratulations to Janna Rivera, Diana Brugal and Joel Brugal, an excellent team “




“My husband Steffen and I Joseline, are very grateful to Brugal Rivera Investments Real Estate, for being our advisers in the important decision to buy the house of our dream. We are very grateful because they have become more than our consultants throughout the process, they have become friends, since they are always there for every need. Very grateful and God bless you “